Sturgeon Creek Arabians Significant Mares

Over the years, Sturgeon Creek Arabians has sought to breed Arabian horses with sound and correct conformation and large hind quarters to produce athletes with great movement and willing attitudes, by line-breeding to the gene pool created by the offspring of PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA, and *SABELLINA PASB. Here are the Mares that have contributed the most to our breeding program.

Moment Of Mine, 1984-2012

(*El Kasaka NSB x Magic Momment by REZUS++ PASB)

Chestnut Mare

This wonderful mare was the first horse owned by Sturgeon Creek Arabians. In fact, it was her ownership that created our partnership.

The breeder, George Allen of Willomar, recommended that we purchase a chestnut filly named Moment Of Mine, the second foal that her dam, Magic Momment produced and the second foal by *El Kasaka.

As a two year old, we brought Moment to Manitoba where we showed her ourselves at Arabian shows in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Dakota. In our first show, Moment was Grand Champion Mare beating all the senior mares. That year she earned enough points in the show ring to win the $10,000 Progeny of Distinction Award offered by the *El Kasaka Syndicate. As we had purchased Moment to be a broodmare, we sent her back to Willomar as a three year old to be bred to Pyatigorsk. Moment produced three fillies in a row by Pyatigorsk: Mistawa, Myrka and Minorska. All of these fillies were sold. Minorska was sold in the US as a race prospect to Sheikh Falah Zayed of the United Arab Emirates, and Myrka and Mistawa have been a successful broodmares.

Breeding Moment was a challenge as her pedigree was a blend of Russian and Polish blood with virtually no line-breeding. At the time she produced her third foal by Pyatigorsk, Sturgeon Creek Arabians had acquired the Polish stallion *Sekstans who was born at Janow Podlaski Stud in Poland. In breeding Moment to *Sekstans, there was some commonality in blood as both horses contained the successful Polish race sire Trypolis. Moment produced five foals by *Sekstans, and they will undoubtedly be her lasting legacy. Four became successful endurance horses, three of them in California: Mistansza, Savour The Moment and Seek The Moment. As a group, they competed successfully against large fields. They accumulated 6,565 AERC miles, completing 122 of 148 rides, including 18 wins, 71 Top Ten finishes, and 5 Best Conditioned awards. Two started the Tevis, and Mistansza completed it successfully. Seek The Moment was an IAHA Regional Endurance Champion.

After Moment’s long string of foals, we couldn’t get her pregnant again so we retired her and Ashley Fudge used her as a lesson horse. During this time she very patiently and willingly introduced riders of all ages to dressage and other competitions, and she went on many rides through the trails of Birds Hill Provincial Park that are fondly remembered by those fortunate enough to have ridden her.

Kusha (Philosophy x Moment of Mine) at a competitive trail ride veterinarian inspection, September 2014.
Credit: Darice Whyte

Several years passed and then Ashley asked if we could try breeding Moment one more time to our stallion Philosophy. Moment was 23. Heat after heat went by without success. After the last attempt, the ultrasound failed to reveal a pregnancy, so we turned her out into the pasture. By mid-winter, she was starting to look fat, and a vet check confirmed that she was in foal! In July 2008, she produced her 10th and last foal, a filly that is owned by Ashley. In Fall 2014, Ashley rode “Kusha” in competitive trail and endurance rides in Manitoba.

In 2009, Moment’s grand-daughter, More Than Memories (out of Myrka), produced her first foal. Because the foal was born early and unexpectedly, the foal got loose from its dam which resulted in the foal being rejected. Moment was again pressed into service as a mom. The foal, Memorable Moment, was bottle-fed, but Moment provided the mothering to the foal. The rest of Moment’s life was spent pastured with a group of mares including her great grand-daughter. The two of them were inseparable. Moment was an incredible mare. She taught us a great deal and gave us so much more than we paid for her. She had the sweetest, most loving temperament. She left a tremendous legacy. She touched so many people including the owners of her foals, the children and adults who rode her and learned from her, and the owners who loved her.

Balakaia, 1986 – 1993

(Kaiyoum++ x Balalinda by *Beander PASB by *BANDOS PASB)

1986 Grey Mare

Balakaia’s dam, Balalinda, was in foal to Kaiyoum++, oldest son of Khemosabi+++//, when SCA purchased her. Balalinda had two lines to Balalajka through BANDOLA. Dr. George Allen sent Balalinda to be bred to Kaiyoum++, whose maternal grand-dam, *Bachantka PASB, was the only daughter of the great Polish broodmare Balalajka imported to North America.. Balalinda’s ultimate dam was the great Polish mare *ARWISTAWA PASB, who was a race winner in Poland before coming to North America. *ARWISTAWA PASB was the first mare to become both the US and Canadian National Champion mare in the same year. Both *ARWISTAWA PASB and BANDOLA were daughters of the mare ARFA, who was a very good race horse in Poland. ARFA was a daughter of Balalajka. Thus, Balakaia had four lines to Balalajka.

Like many of Kaiyoum’s offspring, Balakaia was extremely refined, and she had a wonderfully soft mind which she passed along to her offspring. Balakaia had four foals, the first by the Netherlands-born Russian stallion, *El Kasaka NSB, and the next three by *El Purchino NSB, another Netherlands-born Russian stallion. Balakaia died about a month after producing her last foal.

SCA Kaiak, Balakaia’s first foal, was owned by Darcy Fudge and ridden in Dressage for many years by Darcy and various other riders. Balakaia’s first foal by *El Purchino NSB, Czar Kazan, was ridden to a Canadian Top Ten in Open Dressage by his 14-year-old owner. Her second foal by *El Purchino NSB was our mare, Balalovja. Balakaia’s third and last foal, by *El Purchino NSB, Baladeer, was sold as a family companion horse. All of these horses had impeccable minds. Balakaia’s daughter, Balalovja, produced five foals for SCA. Their line was next represented in our broodmare band by her Pyatigorsk daughter, Best Of Luck, and it now continues through her daughter, SCA Beloved by Philosophy.

Credit: Judy Barrick
Son: SCA Kaiak by *El Kasaka NSB
Son: Czar Kazan by *El Purchino NSB
Daughter: Balalovja by *El Purchino NSB
Son: Baladeer by *El Purchino NSB

Balalovja, 1992 – 2011

(*El Purchino NSB x Balakaia by Kaiyoum++)

1992 Grey Mare

Pictured above is Balalovja and her 2001 daughter, Beautiful Pleasure

This beautiful and refined mare had a wonderful, affectionate disposition, living up to her barn name “Lovey.”

Balalovja had two lines to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA through *Pietuszok PASB, and two lines to the PRIBOJ son POMERANETS. What made her so incredibly pretty is her line-breeding to the great Polish stallion AMURATH SAHIB, who was renowned as a sire of broodmares. Balalovja had six lines to AMURATH SAHIB: three through his son ARAX and three through his daughter Balalajka. Her maternal great grand-dam, Resza, was the dam of Reason To Believe.

We bred Balalovja to Pyatigorsk with excellent results. One daughter, Be My Love, has been very successful in endurance in California over many years, with a completion rate well over 90%, and an AERC Decade Team Award in 2012 for completing at least one 50-mile ride per year for 10 years. Another daughter, Beautiful Pleasure, is in Saskatchewan, where she has been an excellent broodmare.

SCA retained another daughter, Best Of Luck, for use in its broodmare band, and she produced SCA Beloved by Philosophy; SCA Beloved is in our broodmare band. Balalovja was also the dam of Personal Delivery (by Philosophy), ridden in sport horse competitions by a youth rider in Washington state.

Daughter: Be My Love by Pyatigorsk
Daughter: Best Of Luck by Pyatigorsk
Son: Oh Henry by Operator
Son: Personal Delivery by Philosophy

*Dolly NSB, 1975-1998


1975 Chestnut Mare

Pictured above is *Dolly NSB and her 1990 son, SCA Dartagnan

We were very fortunate to acquire *Dolly NSB from the Reeds in British Columbia, who imported her from Holland. Like her dam, *Dolly NSB was a big mare easily standing 15’3 hands, and also like her dam, *Dolly NSB produced a disproportional number of fillies. Her dam, Saikha, had 15 babies, only 4 of which were male. *Dolly NSB had 14 babies and only 3 were male. *Dolly NSB’s first foal, Spirit, broke his leg, but her other two boys were both extremely athletic. CROWN DERBY by Pyatigorsk was a race winner at Los Alamitos, and SCA Dartagnan by *El Kasaka NSB was an excellent endurance horse.

*Dolly NSB achieved the status of being named to the Aristocrat Mare List of the Arabian Horse World magazine for having produced at least FOUR champion offspring. One of her fillies, Si Bonne, was named Junior Champion Filly of British Columbia and another filly, Alyxia, was the high selling lot at the Willomar auction in 1985. She was also the dam of Tatiana+, class A champion in western pleasure, regional top 5 hunter pleasure open horse, and full sibling to SCA Dartagnan.

*Dolly had huge black “dragonfly” eyes that she received from her sire *MUSLIN RASB. She was great in every sense of the word. We were fortunate to have *Dolly NSB’s daughter, Danseuse Du Nord by *SEKSTANS PASB; we had Danseuse Du Nord’s daughter, Dancing Queen by Philosophy in our broodmare band, and she was the dam and grand-dam of several SCA generations. SCA bred Paper Trail (a *Dolly NSB grand-daughter by Pyatigorsk). Paper Trail was the dam of JV Trinity, Opus One CAHR, Paper Chase, and SCA Valour.

To the left is a photo of the French-bred mare Belle et Bonne (Djebel x Beida) born in 1925. This photo supposedly was taken in 1930, but Belle et Bonne did not have a foal that year, so the photo likely was taken in 1931.

Belle et Bonne was four generations removed from the desert through the mare Balkis, brought to France from the desert. The French breeders were long-renowned for breeding athletic horses. Belle et Bonne had one foal in France by Denouste before she was exported to Russia in 1930, along with the stallion Kann and three other Djebel daughters. In Russia, Belle et Bonne only had two foals, both fillies and both by Denouste’s son, Kann: Korbeil in 1931, and Kaberne in 1932. Kaberne is the great-great grand-dam of our mare *Dolly NSB. *Dolly was a mirror image of Belle et Bonne.

Belle et Bonne (Djebel x Beida) 1925 FR import Russia, the ultimate dam of *Dolly NSB. Photo archive Tersk Stud 1930.
*Dolly’s daughter, Alyxia by Pyatigorsk. She was the high selling lot at the 1985 Willomar auction at $110,000

Kaluwa, 1989 – 2006

(Pyatigorsk x Stop The Show by *PESNIAR RASB)

1989 Bay Mare

SCA bought Kaluwa before we had the opportunity to lease Stop The Show. After we leased Stop The Show, we produced a full sister to Kaluwa named Sound of Silence.

Pyatigorsk produced wonderful babies out of Stop The Show. Pyatigorsk carried two lines to PRIBOJ and TAKTIKA, both male strains through their son *Pietuszok PASB. Stop The Show carried one line to PRIBOJ and TAKTIKA, a female strain through her sire *PESNIAR. So the results of this mating carried three lines to PRIBOJ and TAKTIKA, two male and one female strain.

Kaluwa produced two excellent foals by PISTASCHIO for SCA. One was a mare that we named Spirited Music, who was sold as an endurance prospect in California. The other was our stallion, Philosophy. What made these matings so special is that PISTASCHIO carried the blood of Pietuszok PASB’s sister PLATINA through her daughter PANAMA OF TERSK RASB. Thus, Philosophy carried four lines to PRIBOJ and TAKTIKA, and the male and female strains are balanced.

Daughter: Spirited Music by Pistaschio
Credit: Casey Spencer
Son: Philosophy by Pistaschio

My Grand Madame, 1995 – 2018

(*Grandeur NSB x My Madame by *El Kasaka NSB)

1995 Bay Mare

This mare was 25% PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA with THREE lines, one through TOPOL and two through Pietuszok PASB, and three additional lines to PRIBOJ. Phenotypically, she was very much TOPOL type. She traced through her female tail to ARFA, dam of *ARWISTAWA PASB, and hence this was the same family that produced Reason To Believe, the multi-champion endurance horse in California.

My Grand Madame was a half-sister to Hiroko by Pyatigorsk. Hiroko competed successfully in endurance in the southwestern USA for many years. A half-brother to My Grand Madame, Paradigm Shift by Pyatigorsk, also competed for several years in endurance in the southwestern USA, with a 100% completion rate.

We sent My Grand Madame to New Mexico to be bred to *Ghazni GASB to reinforce the TOPOL in her pedigree, and her filly Mirasol is what we had hoped for. My Grand Madame produced an outstanding colt, Vested Legacy, by the PISTASCHIO son, Vortexx. Vortexx has two lines to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA through PLATINA and PTASHKA, and two additional lines to PRIBOJ. My Grand Madame also produced two foals by the MONARCH AH son, IMAGINE THAT MA: SCA My Imagination, an excellent endurance and broodmare and the gelding SCA In The Mood, that completed three endurance rides in Manitobs in 2018.

My Grand Madame returned to Manitoba in late 2013. Her last foal in 2016, SCA Phylum, sired by Philosophy, is stallion material.

Daughter: Mirasol by *Ghazni GASB
Son: Vested Legacy
Daughter: SCA My Imagination by IMAGINE THAT ME
Son: SCA Phylum by Philosophy

My Madame, 1982 – 2005

(*El Kasaka x Harpona by Gaypolka++++ PASB)

1982 Chestnut Mare

My Madame had four lines to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA, all through *Pietuszok PASB. She also had two lines to PRIBOJ through his daughters.

This *El Kasaka NSB daughter was out of Harpona. Harpona was in-bred to *Pietuszok PASB, as both her sire and dam were his offspring. Harpona’s maternal grand-dam was HARFA, who won 4 of 13 races in Poland and was in the money 10 of 13 times. HARFA won the Polish Oaks and one other Stakes race. HARFA was out of ARFA, who won 4 of 15 races and was only out of the money twice. This branch of the Mlecha dam line was dominant in Polish racing.

All but two of My Madame’s offspring were by Pyatigorsk, and they have all been very athletic. MATRIXX was a race winner at Los Alamitos, and MARRON was a race winner in Alberta. We sold two of My Madame’s Pyatigorsk offspring, Hiroko and Ptolemy, to Arizona for use as endurance horses. Paradigm Shift was ridden in endurance in California, and now is used in driving and pleasure riding. Principal Meridian, owned in Wyoming, was ridden in endurance in Colorado and Utah.

My Madame was bred twice to *Grandeur NSB, a TOPOL grandson. One of those offspring, My Mirage, a stallion, was used in breeding in Alberta. The other was our mare, My Grand Madame. My Grand Madame produced Mirasol by *Ghazni GASB. She produced Vested Legacy by Vortexx (who traces to the great racehorse *PUSTINIA RASB). *PUSTINIA RASB was by *SALON RASB and out of PTASHKA (PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA). My Grand Madame also produced endurance horses: SCA My Imagination (currently a broodmare) and the gelding SCA In The Mood by our former stallion, IMAGINE THAT MA.  Her last foal, SCA Phylum, is stallion material.

In addition to My Grand Madame, SCA also had the mare Hanako by Pyatigorsk. In 2013, Hanako produced her first foal, SCA Harmony, a gorgeous filly by our stallion, Philosophy.

Daughter: My Grand Madame by
*Grandeur NSB
Daughter: Hiroko by Pyatigorsk
Son: Paradigm Shift by Pyatigorsk
Credit: Lynne Glazer Imagery
Daughter: Hanako by Pyatigorsk
Son: Ptolemy by Pyatigorsk
Son: Principal Meridian by Pyatigorsk
Credit: Laramie Boomerange, Laramie, Wyoming

*Opalina NSB, 1986 – 2008

(Nut x Applicatia by PESNIAR)

1986 Grey Mare

Originally imported from the Netherlands, she has all Russian ancestry. She is the dam of 7, including WM Prosperity, Opuss, Oppalessence, Orella, Opaschio, Apperitif, and Kazakhstan.

We retained Apperitif in our broodmare band. In 2016, Apperitif produced the excellent filly SCA Ariel, by our former stallion, Perseverence.

Daughter: Apperitif by Pistaschio

Resza, 1976 – 1998

(*REZUS++ PASB x Gay Miracle by *Gaypolka++++ PASB)

1976 Grey Mare

This phenomenal mare was pure Polish in her breeding. Her sire, *REZUS++ PASB, was a race winner in Poland before his importation to Canada by Dr. George Allen of Willomar Arabians.

Resza’s dam, Gay Miracle by Gaypolka++++ PASB by *Pietuszok PASB contained racing blood on both sides of her pedigree. *Pietuszok PASB was a known source of racing blood in Poland. Gay Miracle was out of *ARWISTAWA PASB, a winner 4 of 15 races including 2 Stakes races and only out of the money in 2 of those 15 races. *ARWISTAWA PASB was incredibly beautiful and was the first mare to be both US and Canadian National Champion in the same year. Resza had three lines to Trypolis, who was also a known source of racing blood in Poland. *ARWISTAWA PASB’s sire, Geyran, was a son of KASZMIR, who won 17 of 18 races and finished second once. KASZMIR won the Derby, the Criterium three times, and nine other Stakes races. *ARWISTAWA PASB’s dam, ARFA, won 4 of 15 races and was only out of the money twice.

SCA was fortunate to own Resza’s first foal, the mare Balalinda. The SCA mares Balalovja and Ballet In the Park trace from Balalinda. For SCA, Resza produced two geldings: Prototype and Reason To Believe. Resza died of a ruptured uterine artery just eight hours after foaling Reason To Believe.
For other owners, Resza produced the exquisite show mare Sophisticate by *El Kasaka NSB. Sophisticate was a multi-regional champion. Resza also produced the Stakes winning race horse TAK by Pyatigorsk. Her son Protocall, also by Pyatigorsk, stands at stud in Idaho.

Reason To Believe, a full brother to TAK and Protocall, won the 2006 AHA 100 mile Championship. In 2007, Reason placed second in the AERC 100 mile Championship and was named Best Conditioned horse. Reason To Believe was named to the 2008 US Equestrian Team’s Endurance Team, and Reason competed at the World Endurance Championship in Malaysia in November 2008. Reason continued to excel, including placing 5th in the 100-mile international NAETC ride in 2011. In 2014, after major colic surgery and rehabilitation, Reason placed 1st and BC at Los Padres (25 miles), and placed 1st at Camp Far West (50 miles). Reason was retired from endurance competition in 2015, but returned in 2018, placing 9th out of 47 starters in the Fireworks 30-mile ride in California.

Credit: Judy Barrick
Son: Tak by Pyatigorsk
Son: Protocall by Pyatigorsk
Son: Reason To Believe by Pyatigorsk
Reason To Believe, ridden by owner Cheryl Dell, DVM.
Credit: Robyn Burgess Photography.

Stop The Show

(*PESNIAR RASB x EW Sabaska++ by *BASK++ PASB)

1983 Black Mare

This exquisite 1983 black mare was sired by *PESNIAR RASB (NABEG x PESNIA), who was imported to the United States by Dr. Armand Hammer. *PESNIAR RASB was a race winner in Russia and a serious contender for US National Champion at halter.

Stop The Show is a maternal grand-daughter of *SABELLINA PASB, rated by the Arabian Finish Line magazine as the top producing race mare of all-time.

Stop The Show traces to *SABELLINA PASB through EW Sabaska++, 1974 Reserve Champion US National Futurity filly and Scottsdale halter champion.  EW Sabaska++ was bred by the Simms Ranch in Arizona, and was sired by the immortal *BASK++ PASB.  Stop The Show produced four fillies and four colts. She was bred to *Enoss PASB, Pyatigorsk, Protocall, and *El Purchino NSB. Sturgeon Creek Arabians was fortunate to lease this mare and owned two daughters, Kaluwa and Sound of Silence, both by Pyatigorsk. Kaluwa was dam or grand-dam of several SCA generations. Sound Of Silence produced the SCA endurance geldings Inner Sanctum and Imagine That Sound. Another full brother, a gelding, Sojourner, was sold in California for endurance. SCA also produced a daughter Selebrity by *El Purchino NSB, owned by Cedar Lake Arabians in Manitoba. We leased back Selebrity and she produced our gelding Percussion, ridden in endurance from 2015 to 2017 in California.

Son: Sojourner by Pyatigorsk
Daughter: Kaluwa by Pyatigorsk
Daughter: Sound of Silence by Pyatigorsk

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