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Credit: Darice Whyte



SCA In The Mood at the 2-day Spruce Woods Spectacular ride, August 25 and 26, 2018.


SCA In The Mood

  (IMAGINE THAT MA x My Grand Madame by *Grandeur NSB)  

2014 Bay Gelding

Height: 15.0 hh

SCA In The Mood has five crosses to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA and three more crosses to PRIBOJ.  He combines the elegance and race speed of his sire with the Polish racing history of the Mlecha dam line in My Grand Madame.


SCA In The Mood’s sire, IMAGINE THAT MA, is a race-winning son of U.S. National Champion Racehorse MONARCH AH.  IMAGINE THAT MA’s pedigree is power-packed with racing ancestors.  He raced two years and had 16 starts, winning three races, placing second once, and placing third in the Lone Star Arabian Futurity Stakes race.


SCA In The Mood’s dam, My Grand Madame, phenotypically is very much TOPOL type.  She is a half-sister to the successful endurance horse Hiroko by Pyatigorsk.  My Grand Madame’s half-brother by Pyatigorsk, Paradigm Shift, competed for several years in endurance with a 100% completion rate.  My Grand Madame, bred to the PISTASCHIO son, Vortexx, produced our outstanding stallion, Vested Legacy.


SCA In The Mood completed three 25-mile endurance rides in 2018.  The first two were back-to-back on August 25 and 26, 2018 at the Spruce Woods Spectacular in Manitoba. The third was the Manitoba Equestrian Championship at Birds Hill Park on September 22, 2018.  His ¾ brother, SCA In Motion (IMAGINE THAT MA x Mirasol by *Ghazni GASB) competed in endurance in Manitoba in May 2018.






SCA In Motion at the “Ride On Mars” endurance ride, May 19, 2018


SCA In Motion

  (IMAGINE THAT MA x Mirasol by *Ghazni GASB)  
  2014 Bay Gelding  

SCA In Motion has seven crosses to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA and three more crosses to PRIBOJ.  He combines the elegance and race speed of his sire with the outstanding Polish race history of the Mlecha dam line in Mirasol.


SCA In Motion’s sire, IMAGINE THAT MA, is a race-winning son of U.S. National Champion Racehorse MONARCH AH.  IMAGINE THAT MA’s pedigree is power-packed with racing ancestors.  He raced two years and had 16 starts, winning three races, placing second once, and placing third in the Lone Star Arabian Futurity Stakes race.


SCA In Motion’s dam, Mirasol, has five lines to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA, three lines through Russian Triple Crown winner TOPOL and two lines to *Pietuszok PASB.  She is very much TOPOL phenotype like her dam, My Grand Madame.  Her dam line is the same as U.S. endurance champion, Reason To Believe.


SCA In Motion competed in his first 25-mile endurance ride on May 19, 2018 in Manitoba.  He is a ¾ brother to SCA In The Mood.


Vested Legacy in training, October 2018.

Vested Legacy

  (Vortexx x My Grand Madame by *Grandeur NSB)  
  2009 Chestnut Gelding  
  Height: 14.3 hh  

SCA bred Vested Legacy, and kept him as a stallion until 2018.  He sired our young stallion SCA Vision, out of Polaris by Philosophy; the mare SCA Dance With Verve, out of Dancing Queen by Philosophy; the gelding SCA Valour, out of Paper Trail by Pyatigorsk; and the filly SCA Malaya, out of Memorable Moment by Philosophy.

Vested Legacy is the first foal of his sire Vortexx.  Vortexx is by the *SALON RASB son, PISTASCHIO and is out of *Vienna MBF.  PISTASCHIO set a track record at Grants Pass in Oregon.  *Vienna MBF is by *MENES RASB 2/11(6,0,3) and out of the mare *PUSTINIA RASB .  *PUSTINIA RASB raced 2/14(3,1,1) and held the All-Union Speed record for 2 year olds at a distance of 1000 meters.

Vested Legacy's dam is My Grand Madame, whose sire *Grandeur NSB is a TOPOL grandson.  My Grand Madame is out of My Madame, who is out of Harpona.  Both of Harpona's parents were sired by *Pietuszok PASB.  Thus, Vested Legacy is 21.88% PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA, 5x4x4x5x5.

On his sire’s side, Vested Legacy is bred similarly to Nobby, winner of the 2008 and 2010 World Endurance Championships.  Nobby's paternal grand-sire was *MENES RASB and Nobby’s dam, Pudra, was out of *PUSTINIA RASB.  Vested Legacy's paternal grand-dam, *Vienna MBF, was by *MENES RASB and out of *PUSTINIA RASB.

Vested Legacy had saddle training in March 2018, and is back in training.  His trainer speaks very highly of him.


SCA Valour

  (Vested Legacy x Paper Trail by Pyatigorsk)  

2015 Chestnut Gelding

This gelding has seven lines to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA and nine lines to PRIBOJ including three lines to the PRIBOJ son POMERANETS.  His dam, Paper Trail, has three lines to Mammona, the “Queen of Tersk”, two lines to PRIBOJand TAKTIKA through *Pietuszok RASB, two lines to the PRIBOJ son, POMERANETS, and one line to PRIBOJ’s sire, PIOLUN.


Independent Mover, ridden by Jeff From, placing 2nd at the Pembina Valley Shale Shuffle 25-mile ride, May 29, 2016.


*SOLD!* Independent Mover
  (IMAGINE THAT MA x Ballet In The Park by Pyatigorsk)  

2011 Chestnut Gelding

Independent Mover is 14'3 hands, and is presently in endurance competition. In October 2015, he completed his first CTR (15 miles) in Manitoba, ridden by Ashley Fudge.  On May 1, 2016 and May 29, 2016, he completed his first two LD (25-mile) rides in Manitoba, ridden by Jeff From, placing 5th in his first ride and 2nd in his second ride.  On September 17th at the Manitoba Equestrian Championship, he tied for 3rd place in his first 50-mile competition, ridden by Chelsea Ashton.

Independent Mover is bred to run. His sire, IMAGINE THAT MA, was a race winner in Texas.  His dam, Ballet In The Park, was from the same dam family that produced US National Champion 100-mile horse, Reason To Believe. Independent Mover has 6 lines to *Pietuszok RASB, who was a known source of racing blood in Poland. He also has 6 lines to Witraz and Balalajka thought their siblings: ARFA, BANDOLA, AND *BASK++ PASB.  ARFA and BANDOLA were race winners in Poland and both mares had daughters who won the Polish Oaks. Independent Mover also has 4 lines to CZORT, who won the Criterium Stakes race twice plus six other Stakes races.


Click here for video



*SOLD!* Inner Sanctum

  (IMAGINE THAT MA x Sound Of Silence by Pyatigorsk)  

2011 Bay Gelding

Inner Sanctum has five lines to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA (four lines to *Pietuszok RASB and one line to PTASHKA) (2M&3F) 18.19%, three lines to CZORT (2F&1M) 9.39%, and two lines to *SABELLINA PASB (2F) 9.38%. His lines to *SABELLINA are through her daughters *SASANKA and EW Sabaska++.


The pedigree of Inner Sanctum’s sire, IMAGINE THAT MA, is power-packed with racing ancestors.  11 of his first 14 ancestors were race winners, and 6 of the 14 won multiple Stakes races. IMAGINE THAT MA is the result of a very successful breeding cross, taking *BANDOS PASB daughters to MONARCH AH (winner of three Darley awards and 14 Stakes races, and setting four track records).  IMAGINE THAT MA was out of a daughter of a *BANDOS son, *Enoss PASB, bred to MONARCH AH.


Inner Sanctum’s dam, Sound of Silence, was bred by Sturgeon Creek Arabians. Sound of Silence’s sire, Pyatigorsk, produced 284 foals.  Only 12 raced, but 6 of those were race winners and 3  were Stakes winners.  This high heritability for athletic ability has made Pyatigorsk’s foals excellent in endurance. Sound of Silence’s dam, Stop The Show, was sired by the Russian stallion *PESNIAR RASB. Stop The Show’s dam, EW Sabaska++ was a successful show horse and daughter of *SABELLINA PASB by *Bask+++.


We believe Inner Sanctum represents his pedigree well, and he should be an excellent endurance prospect. He is presently 14'2 hands, and needs a smaller rider.



Perpetual Motion, ridden by Ashley Fudge at 25-mile ride, Birds Hill Park, Manitoba, June 21, 2015.
Credit: Darice Whyte.

*SOLD!* Perpetual Motion

  (Peregyne x Panarama by *ARPAN RASB)  

2011 Bay Gelding

Perpetual Motion stands 15 hands at four years of age, and will likely still grow more. His build and wonderful laid-back personality come from his paternal grand-sire *El Purchino NSB. In his 25-mile endurance race in July 2015 at Spruce Woods, Manitoba, he finished second while carrying a heavyweight rider. Despite being new to endurance, he has shown he will go down the trail without company. 

Perpetual Motion’s pedigree is mostly Russian, with some Polish and Crabbet blood. He has 5 lines to the Russian gene pool created by  Russian Derby winner PRIBOJ x Taktika. He also has 6 lines to other offspring sired by PRIBOJ as well as 3 lines to PRIBOJ’s sire Piolun.

We are very happy with what Perpetual Motion has accomplished this summer, and feel he will be an excellent endurance competitor as he grows older.


Positively Mee, ridden by Jeff From, placing second (senior rider) at the Pembina Valley Shale Shuffle 25-mile ride, May 13, 2017.

Credit: Darice Whyte.

Positively Mee, ridden by Jeff From, placing 1st and Best Conditioned at the Spruce Woods Spectacular 25-mile ride, August 27, 2016. 

Credit: Taylor Dowd Photography.

*SOLD!* Positively Mee

(Philosophy x Maybe Mee by Pyatigorsk)

2006 Chestnut Gelding

This excellent chestnut gelding is extremely well-built with power-packed genetics. He is intensely line-bred to Pyatigorsk; he is 16.41% PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA with a total of six lines, four through *Pietuszok PASB, and 1 each to his sisters PLATINA and PTASHKA.  His dam, Maybe Mee, also produced Maybelline, Mesa, and Must Be Mee.  Positively Mee traces to the PRIBOJ daughter METROPOLIA.  METROPOLIA's race statistics were 2/13(4,4,2).

Positively Mee’s ¾ sister, Mabelline, by Philosophy’s sire PISTASCHIO, has 1,770 completed miles and 38 completions in 43 races with 3 Top Ten finishes.

Positively Mee is a solid 15'2 hands, and his trainer loves his mind.

Positively Mee competed in four 25-mile rides during the 2016 season in Manitoba, ridden by Jeff From.  They won 1st place and Best Conditioned in their last two rides, the Spruce Woods Spectacular on August 27th and the Manitoba Equestrian Championship on September 17th.


Click here for video


*SOLD!* SCA Casssidy

  (Philosophy x Czorteena by *El Purchino NSB)  

2015 Chestnut Filly

Chestnut filly, born on June 22, 2015.  Sire: Philosophy (PISTASCHIO x Kaluwa by Pyatigorsk).  Dam: Czorteena (*El Purchino NSB x TW Czorta by Samtyr).  24 year old Czorteena produced another terrific foal by Philosophy.  This filly is a full sister to a gelding currently in endurance (Photon), and a half-sister to another gelding that has retired from endurance (Privy Councillor, sired by Pyatigorsk).  This filly has four crosses to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA (all through Philosophy) and two crosses to *SABELLINA PASB.  Czorteena's dam, TW Czorta was full sister to SAMSUN, who held the North American speed record for 5 furlongs for twelve years.


*SOLD!* SCA Dance With Verve

  (Vested Legacy x Dancing Queen by Philosophy)  

2015 Bay Filly

Bay filly, born on June 2, 2015. Sire: Vested Legacy (Vortexx x My Grand Madame by *Grandeur NSB). Dam: Dancing Queen (Philosophy x Danseuse Du Nord by *SEKSTANS PASB).  This filly is in-bred 3x3 on track record setter PISTASCHIO. Her pedigree has eight crosses to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA, and includes Russian speed record holder *PUSTINIA RASB and Polish race brood matron *SABELLINA PASB and her full sister *SAKWA PASB.



SCA Mirror Image at the 2-day Spruce Woods Spectacular ride, August 25 and 26, 2018.


Credit: Darice Whyte








SCA Mirror Image learns to jump.


*SOLD!*  SCA Mirror Image
  (IMAGINE THAT MA x Mirasol by *Ghazni GASB)  

2012 Bay Mare

Height: 14.2 hh

SCA Mirror Image has seven crosses to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA and is 20% their blood. She has three lines to TOPOL and four lines to *Pietuszok PASB. Her pedigree contains elite Arabian racehorses such as MONARCH AH, *WIKING PASB, *SASANKA PASB, *KREZUS PASB, *ORLA PASB and TOPOL, plus three lines to the stallion CZORT. All of the above-mentioned won multiple Stakes races in Poland or Russia. She is her dam’s first foal, and a 3/4 sister to our excellent 2011 mare, SCA My Imagination (IMAGINE THAT MA x My Grand Madame). SCA Mirror Image combines the elegance and race speed of her sire with the power-packed TOPOL pedigree of her dam.

SCA Mirror Image completed her first 25-mile endurance ride in Manitoba in 2017 at the Manitoba Equestrian Championships, along with her 3/4 sister, our excellent 2011 mare, SCA My Imagination (Imagine That Ma x My Grand Madame). In 2018, she completed six 25-mile rides, including back-to-back rides at the Ride on Mars on May 19 & 20 (Best Conditioned on May 20th); Beautiful Belair on July 21; back-to-back rides at Spruce Woods where she got the High Vet Score on day 2; and the Manitoba Equestrian Championship on September 22, 2018 where she was elevated and completed an extra loop (35 miles in total).

SCA Mirror Image also loves to jump!


Following racing convention, names of Stakes race winners have BOLD TYPE AND CAPITAL LETTERS. Horses that placed second in a Stakes race are Bolded But Not Capitalized. Race winners are in CAPITAL LETTERS. Horses that did not win, or did not race, have only the First Letter Of Each Word Capitalized. For horses imported to North America, a star * is placed in front of the horse’s name and its country of origin is added to the registered name. PASB = Polish Arabian Stud Book; RASB = Russian Arabian Stud Book; GASB = German Arabian Stud Book; NSB = Netherlands Stud Book.

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