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Sturgeon Creek Foals


  2017 Foals:    

SCA Mariposa

Bay filly, born on May 6, 2017.  Sire: Philosophy (PISTASCHIO x Kaluwa by Pyatigorsk).  Dam: Mirasol (*Ghazni GASB x My Grand Madame by *Grandeur NSB).  This filly combines the elegance and race speed of her sire with the outstanding Polish race history of the Mlecha dam line in Mirasol.

This filly’s sire, Philosophy  (PISTASCHIO x Kaluwa by Pyatigorsk) has been described as the best source of Naseem blood available.  While Philosophy has elements of refinement and prettiness in his pedigree, he also has race blood on both his sire and dam sides.  Philosophy’s full sister, Spirited Music, has been very successful in endurance, with an AERC Decade Team award in 2013, an AERC 10-year Longevity Award in 2016, over 3000 AERC miles, and a completion rate of over 90% including the challenging Tevis Cup.  SCA Mariposa’s dam, Mirasol, has five lines to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA: three lines through Russian Triple Crown winner TOPOL and two lines to *Pietuszok PASB.  Mirasol is very much TOPOL phenotype like her dam, My Grand Madame.  Her dam line is the same as U.S. endurance champion, Reason To Believe.

SCA Mariposa’s half-sister, SCA Mirror Image (sired by IMAGINE THAT MA) completed her first 25-mile endurance ride at the Manitoba Equestrian Championship in September 2017.

  2016 Foals:    

June 2017 photo

SCA Ariel

Grey filly, born on July 8, 2016.  Sire: Perseverence (Pyatigorsk x Diligence by *SEKSTANS PASB).  Dam: Apperitif (PISTASCHIO x *Opalina NSB by Nut).  This filly has five crosses to PRIBOJ X TAKTIKA: two crosses from her sire, Perseverence (through Pyatigorsk), and three crosses from her dam Apperitif (through PLATINA, TOPOL and PTASHKA).  Ariel also has three crosses to *SALON RASB, one cross from her sire (through *SALON’s son *MUSLIN RASB), and two crosses from her dam (through PISTASCHIO and *SALON’s daughter Psisha).  Ariel’s sire, Perseverence, has Pyatigorsk’s black bay colour, great substance which is likely from his maternal grand-dam *Dolly NSB, and a loving personality that is likely from his maternal grand-sire *SEKSTANS PASB.  Ariel’s dam, Apperitif, is very athletic, as one would expect from her pedigree.


*SOLD!* SCA Malaya

Chestnut filly, born on June 28, 2016.  Sire: Vested Legacy (Vortexx x My Grand Madame by *Grandeur NSB).  Dam: Memorable Moment (Philosophy x More Than Memories by Operator).  This filly has 15 crosses to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA: six crosses to *Pietuszok RASB, three crosses to TOPOL, two crosses to PLATINA and four crosses to PTASHKA. She also has 8 infusions of PRIBOJ through his other offspring. There are 3 crosses to POMERANETS and 1 cross to his full sister METROPOLIA. Malaya also has two crosses to PLASKA and one cross to PODRUGA.  Malaya’s sire, Vested Legacy, is our young stallion in his second breeding season.  On his sire’s side, Vested Legacy is bred similarly to Nobby, winner of the 2008 and 2010 World Endurance Championships.  Malaya is her dam’s first foal; Memorable Moment was sired by Philosophy, whose sire, PISTASCHIO, set a track record. Philosophy’s full sister, Spirited Music, completed the Tevis Cup, and has earned over 3000 AERC miles, an AERC Decade Team Award and a 10-year AERC Equine Longevity Award.  Memorable Moment’s breeding is mostly Russian, and her pedigree contains all of its major elements: *SALON RASB, PRIBOJ, ARAX and Aswan.

SCA Malaya’s great grand-dam was our foundation mare, Moment of Mine. Moment of Mine produced several excellent endurance horses in AERC competition: Savour The Moment earned a 10-year AERC Equine Longevity Award, completing 2540 miles, 47 of 62 rides, 2 Best Conditioned, 5 wins and 7 seconds); Seek The Moment was a Region 1 50-mile endurance champion, earning 1,425 miles, 26 of 34 completions, 1 Best Conditioned, 25 Top Ten finishes, 12 wins and 6 seconds; Mistansza earned over 2600 miles, 49 of 52 rides including the Tevis Cup, 14 Top Ten finishes and 1 win.


August 2017 photo

SCA Phylum

Grey colt, born on May 13, 2016.  Sire: Philosophy (PISTASCHIO x Kaluwa by Pyatigorsk).  Dam: My Grand Madame (*Grandeur NSB x My Madame by *El Kasaka NSB).  This colt is a ¾ brother to our stallion Vested Legacy, who is producing excellent quality offspring. He is also the first grey colt that his sire, Philosophy has produced out of a non-grey mare, which means he carries the grey gene of his great grandsire *SALON RASB. SCA Phylum has seven crosses to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA:  four to *Pietuszok RASB and one each to TOPOL, PLATINA, and PTASHKA.  SCA Phylum’s sire’s full sister, Spirited Music, completed the Tevis Cup, and has earned over 3000 AERC miles, an AERC Decade Team Award and a 10-year AERC Equine Longevity Award. My Grand Madame’s dam, My Madame, was an excellent producer of athletes including pari-mutuel winners, endurance competitors and show horses.

  2015 Foals:    

July 2016 photo

SCA Vision

Grey colt, born on May 21, 2015. Sire: Vested Legacy (Vortexx x My Grand Madame by *Grandeur NSB). Dam: Polaris (Philosophy x Panarama by *ARPAN RASB).  This colt is his dam’s first foal. He has 17 lines to PRIBOJ, 11 lines to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA and 4 lines to *SALON RASB taken to a PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA female. PISTASCHIO, who set a track record, appears twice in the third generation. PISTASCHIO was a *SALON RASB son out of the Kniazj daughter *Panntera. *Panntera RASB was out of *PANAMA OF TERSK RASB, who was out of PLATINA (PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA).


*SOLD!* SCA Dance With Verve

Bay filly, born on June 2, 2015. Sire: Vested Legacy (Vortexx x My Grand Madame by *Grandeur NSB). Dam: Dancing Queen (Philosophy x Danseuse Du Nord by *SEKSTANS PASB).  This filly is in-bred 3x3 on track record setter PISTASCHIO. Her pedigree has eight crosses to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA, and includes Russian speed record holder *PUSTINIA RASB and Polish race brood matron *SABELLINA PASB and her full sister *SAKWA PASB.


June 2017 photo

SCA Valour

Chestnut gelding, born on June 17, 2015. Sire: Vested Legacy (Vortexx x My Grand Madame by *Grandeur NSB). Dam: Paper Trail (Pyatigorsk x *Paper Doll NSB by Purpur).  This gelding has seven lines to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA and nine lines to PRIBOJ including three lines to the PRIBOJ son POMERANETS.  His dam, Paper Trail, has three lines to Mammona, the “Queen of Tersk”, two lines to PRIBOJand TAKTIKA through *Pietuszok RASB, two lines to the PRIBOJ son, POMERANETS, and one line to PRIBOJ’s sire, PIOLUN.


*SOLD!* SCA Cassidy

Chestnut filly, born on June 22, 2015. Sire: Philosophy (PISTASCHIO x Kaluwa by Pyatigorsk). Dam: Czorteena (*El Purchino NSB x TW Czorta by Samtyr). 24 year old Czorteena produced another terrific foal by Philosophy. This filly is a full sister to a gelding currently in endurance (Photon), and a half-sister to another gelding that has retired from endurance (Privy Councillor, sired by Pyatigorsk).  This filly has four crosses to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA (all through Philosophy) and two crosses to *SABELLINA PASB Czorteena's dam, TW Czorta was full sister to SAMSUN, who held the North American speed record for 5 furlongs for twelve years.


Following racing convention, names of Stakes race winners have BOLD TYPE AND CAPITAL LETTERS. Horses that placed second in a Stakes race are Bolded But Not Capitalized. Race winners are in CAPITAL LETTERS. Horses that did not win, or did not race, have only the First Letter Of Each Word Capitalized. For horses imported to North America, a star * is placed in front of the horse’s name and its country of origin is added to the registered name. PASB = Polish Arabian Stud Book; RASB = Russian Arabian Stud Book; GASB = German Arabian Stud Book; NSB = Netherlands Stud Book.

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